Tax Resolution

A notice from the IRS arrived? You must act quickly and ask for professional help. Working with a trustworthy tax resolution firm like Hess Financial Solutions is essential since battling the IRS requires specialized knowledge. We’re here to help you out. Hess Financial Solution can provide you with a detailed account overview to help you determine your tax situation. We will assist you in resolving any IRS-related concerns.

  • Who We Work With: All small business owners that have received a letter from the IRS or the state
  • Accountant NJ Service Description: We negotiate with the state and federal agencies on behalf of the client to resolve any outstanding tax issues and balances.
  • Inclusions:
    • Calling the IRS or State to collect additional information
    • Performing the following for clients when applicable:
      • First-time penalty abatements
      • Reasonable cause penalty abatements
      • Offer in compromise
      • Establishing installment agreements
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Why Choose Hess Financial Solutions for Your Tax Resolution Services?

  • Our Priority Is Our Clients

    At Hess Financial Solution Accounting Firm we give value to our clients by giving them the freedom to focus on their business goals while we handle the things behind them. Our goal is to provide our clients with a level of comfort they never thought possible.

  • We Work To Save You Time

    Receiving an IRS letter is overwhelming and resolving it is laden with risks. It makes sense to entrust Hess Financial Solutions with your tax resolution strategies. We will negotiate with the state and IRS on your behalf so that everything is in order and free up your time to concentrate on more crucial matters.

  • We Have Experience Working With Small Businesses

    We specialize in small business taxes and will bring additional experience and insight to the table, simplifying and easing the burden of tax resolution.

  • We Take Great Attention To Detail And Are Highly Organized

    Making tax-related errors can seriously harm your company’s bottom line. But if you work with Hess Financial Solution, you can rest assured that we can take care of the entire procedure from start to finish. We can control the process flawlessly.Learn more about Hess Financial Solutions Accounting Firm and arrange a free consultation today. We’ll ensure you’re on top of all tax deadlines and preparations for your small business.