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As someone who is both a business owner and accountant, I understand the unique challenges you face while running your business. After building this firm from the ground up, I truly understand how much time, energy, and resources it takes to build a successful company. More importantly, I understand how important your businesses growth and success is to the ones that matter most – your family.

When I was just starting out as an entrepreneur, I remember how nerve-racking it was for my wife and I to make the decision to go all in on the business. We took this risk to build a family legacy for generations to come. We’ll treat your business like its our own by ensuring we do everything in our power to increase your profits, reduce your taxes, and build a generational legacy for your family.

We look forward to being a part of your company’s continued growth and success.

Fred & Jodi Hess

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Client Reviews

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Kevin Bradberry
Kevin Bradberry
July 10, 2023.
My initial consultation with Fred went very well. we are in the process of compiling the information he needs to get me started, and I'm looking forward to giving him another 5 star review once completed.
Ryan L. Alexander
Ryan L. Alexander
April 7, 2023.
I was using another accountant, I switched to Hess Financial, Basically nothing had changed in my situation, but my return was SIGNIFICANTLY better. Received Thousands back when i was expecting little... Highly recommend them!
Colin Thielman
Colin Thielman
April 7, 2023.
Can not be any happier with Hess! Owner fantastic Been using them 3 year now maybe 4 time flys I can be any happier Always on top of thing and always answers your questions and emails I use them year around
Bob Bob
Bob Bob
February 15, 2023.
Seriously impressed with the level of professionalism and attention to detail this firm possesses. Timely and EXTREMELY efficient. Thank you for the quality work Mr. Hess.
TooKewl T
TooKewl T
July 13, 2022.
Fast efficient reliable
Glenn Modelo
Glenn Modelo
March 23, 2021.
I made a great choice to do business with Fred Hess. He is very knowledgeable and saved me a lot of money. Highly recommended.
MaryBeth Slivka
MaryBeth Slivka
December 30, 2020.
Fred and his talented staff at Hess Bookkeeping and Accounting Services have provided highly professional bookkeeping and accounting services to our company for years. His services have been a major asset to our company, including the recent management of funds available to us under provisions of the COVID-19 stimulus package. We look forward to continuing our professional relationship with this firm.
Afia Mattison
Afia Mattison
December 29, 2020.
Hess came to my place of business and help me with Quick book training. His willingness to drive to me was great along with his attitude and willing to teach.
Joshua Ambrose
Joshua Ambrose
December 29, 2020.
Best service in the game. I could not be happier, I Would recommend Hess bookkeeping to everyone.

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