Commercial Construction

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Your Trusted Financial Solutions Partner For Your Commercial Construction

We recognize that each commercial construction company has unique financial needs. It is why Hess Financial Solutions exists.

We create cutting-edge financial solutions for commercial constructions that help their business. We can help protect your construction business from threats by providing customizable alternatives ranging from tax to 1099 W2 preparation, industry expertise, and cutting-edge technology.

Tax Preparation for Commercial Construction

We offer full-service tax preparation and digital filing for commercial construction.

We prepare and file annual income tax returns for Commercial Construction7

Tax Planning for Commercial Construction

We help commercial construction companies identify and implement tax strategies to lower their tax exposure and avoid unexpected tax liabilities.

Bookkeeping Services for Commercial Construction

Outsource your commercial construction company’s bookkeeping to our Bookkeeping Services NJ to better position your company for growth while saving money on hiring an in-house professional.

Outsourced Controller

Our premium Outsourced Controller services centralize your commercial construction company’s accounting function in order to improve financial insight, planning, and strategy.

It combines the elements and knowledge of bookkeeping and tax preparation to produce an accurate and educated financial environment that assists commercial construction business owners in making informed financial decisions. This is our highest level of service and is suggested for companies and business owners that want to take their company to the next level by improving their financial understanding, planning, and strategy.

The Trusted CFO & Advisor For Your Commercial
Construction Business

The owner and operator, Frederick Hess, has years of experience in the public and private accounting industries. Here, he has gained substantial knowledge in various accounting processes and services. Fred has also obtained his Master of Business Administration from Wilmington University, is a QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified ProAdvisor and is AFSP Certified by the IRS as a credentialed tax preparer.

Frederick Hess, MBA