Fieldsboro Outsourced Controller

Outsourced Controller in Fieldsboro

Our premium Accountant New Jersey Outsourced Controller services outsource your company’s entire accounting department to one place with the goal of increasing financial insight, planning, and strategy.

  • Who We Work With: Businesses ($1m or more in annual revenue)
  • Service Description: For businesses who find they need more than our basic bookkeeping or tax preparation services; our Outsourced Controller package combines the elements and expertise from each of these services to create an accurate and educated financial atmosphere to help business owners make educated financial decisions. This is our highest level service and is recommended for businesses and business owners looking to take their business to the next level by increasing their financial insight, planning and strategy.
  • Custom Packages May Include:
    • Everything included in our Bookkeeping Services PLUS
      • Accounts Payable & Bill Pay Management
      • Accounts Receivable Support & Customer Invoicing
    • Financial Report Preparation and Review
    • Financing Alternatives
    • Expense Analysis
    • Everything included in our Tax Planning Service
    • Annual Tax Preparation and Filing
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